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Tatiana Boyle

ASMP Oregon Photo Chat on Facebook

Got a question about copyright, need some advice on new equipment, or just want to share an awesome BTS video? Join the ASMP Oregon Photo Chat Group. It's open to pro and emerging photographers. Just ask to join.

Seeing Color & Enhancing Creativity - An Evening with Seth Resnick

This talk is a creative program that seeks to reinvigorate your capacity for creativity. Creativity is fueled by experiences, sights, sounds and smells. Sitting still won't bring new ideas in; experimenting and trying new things will jog your creativity.

PORTLAND SQUARED 2014 - Gallery Show at ProPhotoSupply

Images from this year's Portland Squared are now on display in the Wide Format Gallery in Pro Photo Supply.

ASMP Astoria Photo Day Workshop

Join us on Saturday, August 23rd for a day of photography in Astoria with a photo sharing event in the evening. David Granger with Lightbox Galley will host the event and ASMP will provide dinner. Meet fellow photographers, share techniques, and spend the day exploring Astoria creating images. Space is limited to 16 people so sign up soon and we'll see you there!